2019 Year in Review

This past year was about transferring as much positivity to my business as possible. The reasons I was driven to entrepreneurship are numerous, but a major one is the ability to wake up and make my own choices each day. While that isn’t 100% possible, I realized that it was controllable to more closely align my passions and values to my business plan. I love owning my own business and helping people, why not fully integrate the two?

This means stepping outside of my comfort zone, doing things differently, and honestly, having a lot of faith that something entirely new is going to work.  My constant drive comes from developing relationships and helping people. If I can give a little back, I am making a happier life for not only myself, but for others too.

So I have been working on a plan focused on supporting the local community, giving back, and continuing to treat my clients with the trust and care they deserve, like family. Ultimately, family is the most important priority. Treating those around me with that lens is going to make me happier and better at what I do.

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