Adventures in Real Estate June 13, 2019

Putting Yourself out There!

Making the significant decision to move away from a corporate job to being self-employed in real estate basically meant entering into a new lifestyle.

While I pride myself on being prepared and organized, there is no complete level of preparation for this change. It requires a plan, motivation, adaptability, and so much more. This business is not easy money, nor does it fit well if you want to sit back and react as things happen.  

There is a level of work ethic, care, and professionalism that can not waver. Beyond that, it is also putting yourself out there as an expert in the field and a trustworthy advisor for someone buying or selling a home.

That was hard for me. I don’t like to brag, be pushy, or constantly be telling people about all of my achievements. However, you have to be visible to succeed, so I began putting myself out there a lot more than I have ever done. Social media posts about my activities, postcards to my neighborhood, blog posts, and more.

I essentially became a public figure, and If you receive business, you feel amazing. If you don’t, it can be very disappointing.

Ultimately, it was a brand-new experience to put myself out there in the world. As I have grown in this career, I keep reaching out into more avenues and enjoy how it can lead to a new experience or create a new relationship. I am seeing ways I can become a leader for good in the community, and that is incredibly motivating.

The main thing I realized is that people want to work with someone that is honest and authentic, which is what I have tried to do from the start. This has allowed me to thoroughly enjoy my job, and hopefully, help people see that my goals are for them to have an unmistakable real estate experience.