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Design Trends Natural Elements in Interior Designs Interior designers understand that people feel grounded and calm when surrounded by organic elements. Natural materials can add a touch of organic beauty and create a serene, refreshing atmosphere in your home.To bring a bit of outdoor magic into your living space, choose furnishings, surfaces and colors that echo nature’s beauty. Natural materials lend a […]
Design Trends A Guide to Modern Design Before minimalism, there was modern design. This is probably a bit of a misnomer when you consider the heyday of “modern” design was from 1940 to 1970.Mid-century modern is the branch of modern design that’s been trending heavily for decades. Devotees love its sleek, low lines and emphasis on blending interiors with exterior surroundings.To create […]
Design Trends 2023 Furniture Design Trends Furniture design is leaning into natural shapes, hard surfaces and sleek style in 2023. According to top designers interviewed by Architectural Digest, here are six furniture trends you can expect to see this year. NEOLITHIC DESIGNYou don’t need a man cave to furnish your home in neolithic style. While not everyone will embrace stone or metal furniture, […]
Design Trends Home Organizing Ideas – 4 Ways to Keep Rooms Orderly Organizing every room can feel like a mountain to climb, but with the right strategy and home-organizing ideas from the experts, it quickly becomes achievable. Here are some tips:1. Focus On One Room At A Time Start small and focus on one area, work on it and complete it, then stop2. Group Like-With-LikeDesignating an area for […]
Design Trends How to Brighten a Dark Room During Winter Come January, staying indoors can feel less like a treat and more like you’re living in a cave. Here’s how to make your house lighter, brighter, and cheerier with more natural light! ⏺ Try taking the screens off your windows. You’ll get 30% more sunlight shining indoors. Here’s the best part: Sunlight warms your room […]
Design Trends Luxury Closet Features Closet design in the primary bedroom has become a new luxury feature in homes. Here are some of the most sought-after items for those who want to enhance the style and storage in their closets. Upgraded LightingMany homeowners are adding dramatic lighting in their closets. Some popular choices include lighted clothing rods and shelves, chandeliers […]
Design Trends Declutter, Purge & Reorganize Your Stuff Decluttering may not be your idea of fun, but if you can get past taking those first steps, it can be enjoyable and satisfying. Mentally fast-forward past the un-fun parts like making all those decisions about what you do and don’t want to keep. Imagine yourself at the next phase. Now that you’ve opened up […]
Design Trends 1980s Decorating Trends Make a Comeback When you think of 1980s fashion, acid-washed jeans and tracksuits probably come to mind. The decade also brought iconic music, movies and TV whose popularity has surged in recent years. Interior design trends have followed suit, making 1980s home decor hotter than ever. Get ready to embrace this quintessential retro style, which means that everything […]
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Design Trends Shades, Tints and Tones, Oh My! Whether you’re trying to find the perfect paint color for your home or you’re just interested in understanding how colors work together, consider this your crash course in color theory. A hue is simply a color on the color wheel. The color wheel is made up of three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. The secondary colors […]
Design Trends Lighting Trends: Combining Art and Light Within the spaces of your home, the clever combination of light and art allows you to create a special atmosphere – from joyful and bright to tranquil and calming. Unique pairings of light and art can make your home the perfect reflection of your style. Begin by taking a fresh look at your artwork and […]
Design Trends How To Create a More Peaceful Home If your home isn’t a relaxing haven, these suggestions could help bring peace and tranquility to your living space. Declutter and organize. Start by removing as much clutter as you can, then work on organizing the rest. Designate a cupboard, drawer or basket for paperwork and files to keep them off your counters. Add hooks and […]
Design Trends Plants Can Help Improve Your Sleep Surrounding yourself with plants is known to boost creativity, improve air quality, relieve stress, and help you get a better night’s sleep. Consider adding some of these plants to your bedroom for a decor and mood upgrade. Snake Plant – This natural air purifier is a great low-maintenance choice for those just getting interested in indoor […]
Design Trends Ways To Enhance Your Outdoor Space If you’re looking forward to spending more time in your backyard this summer, you may need to tackle a few improvement projects to spruce up your space. Consider the following changes to help you make the most of the time you spend outside. Increase shade. Creating some shade in your outdoor space can make it more […]
Design Trends Innovative Trends in the Kitchen The pandemic has majorly impacted the way we use our homes, and the kitchen is no exception. Here are some of the top kitchen trends that have been created or accelerated by COVID-19. Walk-in pantries – The pandemic caused many people to stock up on nonperishable food items, leading to an increased demand for spacious walk-in […]
Design Trends Make the Most of a Backyard Shed Need a place to get away or pursue a hobby? A backyard shed can be a great solution. New prefabricated sheds as well as existing ones can be transformed into inviting spaces just steps from your back door. Use these five tips to turn your backyard shed into a place you may never want to […]
Design Trends How To Declutter Your Home Recent studies have revealed that a decluttered space is linked to lower stress levels, yet a clutter-free home can be challenging to achieve. Practice these four simple tips, and enjoy relaxing in a tidier home. Create a plan. Getting started is often the biggest hurdle to overcome. Start by making a list of the most important […]
Design Trends Maximizing Sunlight in Your House Natural light adds warmth and beauty to a home, as well as providing a free mood booster. Here are four ways to maximize the amount of sunlight in your space. Choose lighter paint colors. Walls painted in creamy whites or light grays with a satin finish will brighten up a room and reflect more light. You […]
Design Trends Light & Breezy Decor After you’ve packed away your winter decor in storage, your home might seem a little sparse. But warmer weather provides a chance to brighten up your space with cheerful accents. Consider these ideas. Nautical themes: Bring the beach home with nautical decor, such as seashells, wicker furniture, knotted ropes, jute rugs, and blue-and-white decorative items. Shades […]
Design Trends Create a Video Call Space Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, home listings usually highlighted features like spacious kitchens and deluxe en suite bathrooms. However, with the rise of remote work, a new point of interest is gaining traction: a room to Zoom. Not to be confused with ultra high-tech “Zoom Rooms,” most homeowners are simply looking for a room or […]
Design Trends Design Trends in 2021 Even as a new year begins, interior design continues to be influenced by the events and emotions of 2020. After spending lots of extra time at home, many people are longing for a space that’s both calming and inspirational. Here are four design trends to look for in 2021. Natural elements – The pandemic caused people […]