Home Maintenance and Remodeling

Home Maintenance and Remodeling Home Safety Checklist A safe, secure home fosters an atmosphere of ease and well-being. Make safety a top priority with these tips to protect your family from potential hazards. Store a fire extinguisher in an easy-to-access location. Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors regularly and replace every 10 years. Inspect appliances for frayed electrical cords and other […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Bathroom Updates Done in Less Than a Day Revamping your bathroom doesn’t have to mean a full-scale renovation. Instead, think of it as a spa retreat in the making, with a few quick and easy updates that promise maximum style and minimal mess. If you want to update your bathroom without the hassle of a costly and time-intensive remodel, consider these fun, easy […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Add Color Without Painting Put down the paint roller and take the plastic tarps off your furniture — there are plenty of ways to add color to your home that don’t involve painting walls. Consider these colorful concepts.Flashy LampsEvery great room needs great lighting, which makes it the perfect opportunity to introduce new hues. Hang vibrant pendant lights, bring […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Home Tech Upgrades Technology often feels like it’s moving at the speed of light — just when you think you’ve got a smart home, smarter technology is released. Staying on top of home tech upgrades can be intimidating, but it can also be a fun challenge. After all, advanced tech is aimed at making life easier. Here are […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Bathroom Storage Ideas The cabinet under a bathroom sink is notorious for becoming a mess of miscellaneous items. But you can transform this area into a functional space by implementing some smart storage solutions.CoordinateIf you have open shelving beneath your sink, use coordinating containers or baskets to hold necessities. Pick neutral colors or fun patterns that complement the […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Working With a Contractor Home renovations often require the expertise of skilled workers. If you need professional help with your project, start with a qualified contractor. Here, we offer tips to help you navigate a client-contractor relationship.Define your project. Create a comprehensive project plan that outlines your goals, budget, timeline, and specific requirements. A well-defined plan helps ensure you and […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Keep Your Lawn Green With Less Water Do you wish for a lush lawn without the high water bills? Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your grass fresh and green while conserving water.Choose Drought-Resistant GrassCertain types of grass stay green with less water. Consider reseeding with species like tall fescue or buffalo grass. Check with your local garden center for varieties […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Putting in a Pool? Consider the Facts Is your heart set on a backyard pool where friends and family drift around in floating chairs while soaking up the sun? Before you dive in, consider the costs versus the long-term value of such a major investment.Depending on size, design and location, the average price of an in-ground pool can range from $35,000 to […]
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Home Maintenance and Remodeling Backyard Beautification Projects With summer just around the corner, are you dreaming of a backyard oasis?These projects can transform your outdoor space into the perfect summer retreat.Install a PatioWhether you lay your own pavers or hire a professional to pour concrete, adding a patio creates an ideal outdoor gathering space.Bring in Some ShadeBlock the intense summer sun with […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Sustainability: All About Backyard Farming Did you know you can enjoy a hobby, soak up the sun and help preserve the earth all at the same time? In fact, you can do all this and more right in your backyard. Experts say planting in even a tiny bit of soil can offset carbon emissions. So, from trees to vegetables, here […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Increase Energy Efficiency in an Older Home One of the challenges of living in an older house is keeping your energy costs down. Here are a few strategies to increase your home’s energy efficiency.InsulateAdding another layer to existing insulation can help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your house, which allows your HVAC system to work more efficiently.Use LED Light BulbsIt might be […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling How To Extend the Life of Your Outdoor Living Space One of life’s simple luxuries is an evening spent outdoors delighting in the warmth and soft breezes of the season. But time and weather can take a toll on porches, decks and patios, so consider these do’s and don’ts for your outdoor living space.DO pressure wash and stain wood decks every couple of years. DON’T use harsh chemicals […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Are Smart Appliances Right for Your Home? Smart home appliances can make your life easier, and if you’re renovating your home, you’re likely wondering if they’re a worthwhile addition to your new-and-improved space. They have plenty of benefits: Everything from smart refrigerators, oven ranges, thermostats, monitoring systems, plugs, light bulbs, and even locks can offer you complete remote control over the things you use most. They […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling 7 Easy Home Improvement Tips Whether you’re thinking of selling your house this year—or just like the idea of a return on your investment (who doesn’t?)—certain ROI home improvements can not only make your house look better, but also increase its market value. Read on for a few DIY projects that have proven their worth. 1. Make a good first impression […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Annual Plumbing Inspection and Maintenance Damage due to faulty plumbing can lead to extensive, costly repairs. But you can protect yourself from an avoidable disaster with a little preventive maintenance. In fact, regular plumbing inspections can be one of a homeowner’s smartest investments. Schedule an annual inspection with a licensed plumber to address these costly mishaps.Mold GrowthUnidentified leaks, even small […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Holiday Storage Hacks Treasured holiday decorations come in all shapes and sizes. Many can be especially delicate and tricky to keep in one piece. Thankfully, with a few clever storage hacks, you can keep your holiday decor merry and bright for years to come.Egg CartonsThese make egg-cellent storage for tiny round ornaments.Coffee FiltersSoft, flexible and sturdy filters are […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Fall Home Maintenance Checklist Now’s the time to prepare your home for the changing seasons. Here are a few helpful fall maintenance tips. Clean your gutters. Clear out any leaves and twigs to prevent them from damaging your gutters. Repair sagging gutters and fix or replace missing or loose downspout brackets or any other damaged pieces. Clean your chimney. Hire a […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Working With a Remodeling Contractor You know how important it is to choose the best professionals for a home remodeling project. Whether you’re getting ready to sell or want to update your home, the right skills and personality of the contractor can make the difference. But did you know the way you work with contractors can also influence your project’s […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling 7 Clever Cleaning Hacks Keeping your home clean and tidy can be very time-consuming, not to mention exhausting. But making some new habits can simplify your cleaning process and keep your home sparkling year-round. Here are seven quick and easy hacks. Place two doormats at each entrance to your home, one inside and one outside, to trap dirt and […]
Home Maintenance and Remodeling Earth-Friendly Renovations That Save Money Growing numbers of homeowners are paying more attention to the ecological effects of renovations. Some eco-friendly projects can even reduce utility bills. Here are a few home improvements that can lower your carbon footprint and monthly bills at the same time. Solar PanelsAlthough roof-mounted solar panels can be costly upfront, they often pay for themselves […]