Buying and Selling Tips August 16, 2019

Guaranteed Offer or Traditional Home Sale?

No matter where you live and if you watch the news, read articles online, listen to the radio, or take in any form of media advertising, you are bombarded with real estate information.

The current hot topic, I-buyers and guaranteed offers. They are everywhere.

What is their benefit? Convenience. They portray selling a home as this stressful process and wouldn’t it be great to just move on? Which they make happen, with a *possible* quick offer and closing.

With a proper consultation, you need to consider how much is convenience worth?

What does convenience actually mean?

  • No open houses, no showings, no cleaning, no staging, etc
  • How many hours will that take? Do you have pets? Kids? A busy work schedule?

These are valid questions to consider and impact your life. I would never say selling a home isn’t a challenging, emotional time in your life. That is also why you hire a professional to help make the process less stressful. Also, we are currently in one of the best markets for sellers to get a quick offer if the house is priced and marketed properly.

So how much does convenience mean to you?

Selling a house in the traditional manner will take longer and require more work than these guaranteed offers.

However, my pushback would be, is an extra 2-6 weeks of total closing time, a few extra signatures and discussions, with every step of the way being managed by a full time professional, worth $10K? $20K? $30K? Convenience is not cheap.

No, I am not even close to exaggerating those numbers, they are probably low. As a professional that cares highly about my clients, I want that extra money for families to gain when selling their most valuable asset.

Find a qualified real estate advisor that is willing to honestly talk through the options and then do what is best for you. If time and convenience is truly all that matters over financial gain, that is OK. I just strongly advise having that discussion with someone that is looking out for your best interests. Myth buster time, I could also facilitate a guaranteed offer request, it is not a magic thing.

Consumers should have options, but should also fully understand those options and what is most important to you and your family.