Design Trends October 6, 2020

Inspiration for Fall Decor

As temperatures cool outside, give your home a cozy makeover with these fall decor ideas.

Foliage: Swap out those bright summer flowers with autumnal flora, such as amaranth, mums, eucalyptus branches, and witch hazel. You can also arrange feathers and dried flowers for texture and varying heights.

sunflowers in churn
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

Colors: The color orange is nearly synonymous with autumn, so consider adding pops of this eye-catching color with throw pillows, vases or wall art. Try incorporating dark greens, reds and purples to mimic the changing leaf colors.

Layers: On a sofa or bed, group together neutral throw pillows of varying sizes with one or two patterned pillows. You can also layer fall flowers, gourds, candles, leaves, and other seasonal accents on a shelf or mantle.

Blankets and throws: Nothing says fall quite like a cozy blanket. Try draping faux fur throws over the backs of chairs, bundling rolled-up flannel blankets in a basket or folding a sherpa blanket at the end of a bed.

Wreaths: Heading into the holidays, your front door may get more foot traffic than usual. Hang a wreath with warm earth tones on your front door for an inviting touch, or place one on the dining table as a textured centerpiece.

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