Design Trends September 8, 2021

Plants Can Help Improve Your Sleep

Surrounding yourself with plants is known to boost creativity, improve air quality, relieve stress, and help you get a better night’s sleep. Consider adding some of these plants to your bedroom for a decor and mood upgrade.

Snake Plant – This natural air purifier is a great low-maintenance choice for those just getting interested in indoor greenery.

English Ivy – As a trailing plant, ivy helps absorb pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene, and some studies suggest it can improve allergy symptoms and even clear mold from the air.

Aloe Vera – Hardy and easy-to-care-for, this succulent releases oxygen at night and helps purify the air. The gel that forms in its leaves is also medicinal and can be applied to burns, scrapes, acne, and dry skin.

Gardenia – A bit more high maintenance, gardenia’s scented flowers can help ease anxiety and promote restful sleep.

Spider Plant – A nontoxic choice, spider plants absorb airborne irritants and release oxygen. This hanging plant thrives in bright light and is easy to care for.

different green plants growing in pots at home

Some indoor plants can be toxic to pets so be sure to keep out of reach of any furry friends.

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