Home Maintenance and Remodeling June 18, 2019

Lawn Mowing Tips

Constantly fighting weeds and trying to grow thick, green grass can be a constant struggle. Ultimately, you want a nice lawn without spending all your free time getting it!

There’s more to maintaining a lawn than just pushing a mower around the yard. Consider these mowing tips from Country Living magazine to keep your grass healthy and your yard looking its best.

  1. Clear debris. Before you fire up the mower, walk through the yard to pick up sticks, rocks or anything else that’s not grass to protect yourself and your mower blades from harm.
  2. Sharpen blades. Dull mower blades can tear and rip your grass, weakening the plant and leaving it vulnerable to disease. Use a grinding wheel or file for sharpening, or have the blade sharpened at a hardware/home improvement store.
  3. Only mow when it’s dry. Wet blades of grass tend to bend over and clump up, so mowing wet grass just after rain or too early in the morning leads to an uneven and unattractive cut.
  4. Don’t cut too short. Mowing the grass too short will thin it out and can leave it more vulnerable to the weather and weeds. Aim to cut off no more than one-third of the length.
  5. Take your time. Rushing through the job can lead to an uneven cut. A moderate walking pace should do the trick.
  6. Skip the bag. Grass clippings are a great natural fertilizer for your lawn, decomposing quickly and returning nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil. As long as you don’t let the grass grow too long and you mow when it’s dry, the discharged clippings shouldn’t be noticeable.
  7. Switch up your pattern. Grass tends to grow in the direction it is cut, so you need to alternate your pattern to keep it growing upright. Changing the pattern also helps prevent wheel ruts from forming in the lawn.