Home Maintenance and Remodeling August 13, 2019

How to Baby Proof your home

Whether you’re a parent or often have kids in your home, it’s important to keep your space safe for little ones.

Check out these baby-proofing gadgets that can protect the kids without making life too tough on the adults.

Foam edge and corner protectors — These foam cushions are available in many lengths and can be cut to fit over any hard surface with an edge, while still allowing a baby to pull up on furniture. The foam is backed with adhesive, so it can easily stick to a table, fireplace, cabinet, or bench.

Door knob covers — Close off child access to entire rooms with these nifty door knob covers that prevent children from twisting knobs. They are easy to install, designed to blend in with your home, and keep tots safe without interfering with day-to-day adult life.

Drawer and cabinet latches — These easy-to-install latches allow adult-only access to drawers and cabinets. Kids will not be able to get into anything that could harm them, but adults can unlatch them quickly with one hand.

Fold-down bed rail — Keep children safe from rolling off a big-kid bed with a mesh bed rail. Easily installed without the use of tools, the bed rail folds down for convenient bed-making as well as storing underneath the bed when not being used.

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