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Outdoors and On-Trend

An inviting outdoor living space makes time spent in the fresh air even more appealing. Whether you’re supervising kids playing in the yard, enjoying dinner on the patio or talking with friends late into the night, you want a space that’s both attractive and comfortable. Consider these trending designs for outdoor furnishings.

Pastel colors: These soft, calming tones have grown in popularity in outdoor furniture design. Lighter shades make your space feel fresh and airy. Look for upholstered chairs and sofas, or embrace the trend with galvanized steel furniture painted in muted pastels.

Flexible furnishings: To custom-fit your space, consider using a modular sofa. Each piece can be purchased individually, making it easy to rearrange a deck or patio as your seating needs change. Other dynamic furniture, such as classy hammocks or hanging sofas, also provide both interest and comfort.

Shade structures: Lengthen the hours of use for your outdoor living space by installing a shade structure. Pergolas, pavilions, gazebos, and large umbrellas can all offer relief from the sun. Consider the size of your space as well as the angle of the sun throughout the day to determine which type of structure will provide the best coverage.

Durable and attractive materials: When choosing outdoor furniture, invest in high-quality pieces that will withstand the elements. Teak, wicker and industrial metal are all hard-wearing options, depending on your preferred design aesthetic. Metallic finishes like copper, brass, aluminum, and chrome are all on-trend, or try out a simple, matte-white metal.

Designer string lights: While classic strands of patio lights have been popular for some time, you’ll see a greater variety on the market today. To create distinctive lighting effects, look for strands that have frosted textures or rippled glass on the globes. You can also customize the light temperature and intensity to achieve your desired ambience.

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