Design TrendsHome Maintenance and Remodeling September 1, 2020

Make Space for Schoolwork

Whether your kids are doing school at home full-time or just completing homework in the evenings, it’s helpful to have a designated, organized space for them to focus. Here are some tips on how to create a beneficial learning space.

Let in the light. Try to choose a location near windows for natural light. Otherwise, keep the area well-lit with LED light fixtures or lamps.

Mobilize supplies. If designating a specific study space isn’t feasible, organize supplies in an easy-to-move caddy or rolling cart. Block out distractions by adding a folding screen or shifting around the furniture.

Minimize distractions. Set up a workspace away from the TV and keep cellphones out of sight. If your teens are using a tablet or computer, consider limiting their internet access to help them avoid distractions and stay on task.

Utilize small spaces. If you’re short on space, mount a shallow desk on the wall in a hallway or landing, or convert an extra closet into a built-in desk.

Stock supplies nearby. Keep extra pencils, paper, calculators, and other supplies close at hand. Consider storing past assignments and graded tests in a binder for easy reference.