Design TrendsHome Maintenance and Remodeling February 1, 2021

Choose a Color That Will Go the Distance

If you’re picking out a new paint color for a room in your home, consider these tips to help you choose a shade that will stand the test of time.

Stay open-minded. For your first trip to the hardware store, help yourself to a wide variety of paint swatches. Don’t rule out any color immediately. The deep hue that you love in the brightly lit store might not work in your house, and the color you initially dismiss could wind up being the perfect choice.

Sample multiple colors. After examining the paint swatches in your home, order sample sizes of your top contenders. Apply a square of each color to the area you plan to paint. See how the colors look throughout the day as the light changes, and consider them amid the overall color scheme of your home.

Don’t rush the decision. While a trendy color may have caught your eye in a photo, evaluate the sample square for a couple of weeks to determine if you’re still in love with that shade before painting the whole room. When you give yourself plenty of time to consider your options, you’ll be more likely to enjoy your choice long-term.

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