Home Maintenance and Remodeling September 8, 2021

Tips and Tricks for Garage Reorganizing

Between sorting, repairing and reorganizing, cleaning out the garage can feel intimidating. Consider these ideas to help you tackle this big home project.

No wasted space – The garage can quickly become a dumping ground for all those household odds and ends. With that in mind, consider taking your space vertical. Add shelving, tool racks, equipment hangers, overhead storage racks, cabinets, and hooks to store your belongings just about anywhere in the garage. Don’t be afraid to use all the walls, nooks, crannies, and ceiling. If you find yourself with lots of larger items, a garage organizational system may be the way to go. Installing factory-made wall panels with slats for storage accessories will give you the flexibility to hang tools as well as shelves, bins and baskets. Pegboards and magnetic wall strips are two less expensive options to hold smaller metal tools and other gadgets.

Organization – Once you have your space in good functioning order, it’s time to sort your tools, lawn and garden equipment, sports gear, and hobby items. Depending on the storage you have on the walls, you may also need cabinets, shelving, cubbies, or other types of containers. Tubs, totes and bins provide protection from dirt and bugs. Be sure to group your smaller items by category and label each container.

Sustainability – Repurposing old or seldom-used tools and gadgets is both cost-effective and environmentally conscious. You can also use pallets as shelving, jars or buckets as containers, and old planters as bins. Use your creativity to design what is best for you and your space.

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