Home Maintenance and Remodeling October 4, 2021

Living in Your House During a Remodel

Ownership provides many opportunities to transform a house into your home. When you finally prioritize that extensive remodel you’ve been dreaming of, you may find yourself living in the middle of a construction zone. Staying in your house during renovations isn’t easy, but with these tips, you can turn a potentially inconvenient experience into one that’s manageable and even memorable.

Designate your new living quarters. You’ll want to make sure there are places to continue each aspect of everyday life. Where will the cooking, eating and sleeping areas be located during the remodeling project? Designate spots where you can escape construction so that you’re still comfortable in your home.

The calendar is your friend. People may joke that construction timelines always run long, but some cooperative planning can help get your new project done on time. Work with your contractor to schedule significant deadlines like the start, midpoint and completion dates. Bring your planner with you when discussing the work schedule with the contractor. Note any days (and nights) when you’ll need to be out of the house.

Flexibility becomes a necessity. Before work begins, keep in mind that you may need to relocate food, appliances, clothing, and beds depending on which area of your home is currently under construction. If you’re renovating one or more bathrooms, create a schedule for the times when each member of the household can use the space to get ready for work and school.

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