Home Maintenance and Remodeling December 2, 2021

Give Your Home a Guest-Friendly Makeover

As the holidays approach, many of us will be spending more time at home with friends and family. However, not everyone’s house is ready to host guests at a moment’s notice. Take some time and consider these ideas to help make your home warm and welcoming.

Get Comfy
The key to making your home a haven is not to place comfort over style but to incorporate comfort into your design. Investing in a soft couch layered with pillows and blankets for optimal comfort, or adding textures, such as a fluffy rug in the dining room in contrast to a smooth hardwood table, are some ways to give your home a welcoming feel.

Think Color
A simple way to boost your home’s atmosphere is by incorporating soft colors, either with simple accessories, like artwork or throw pillows, or by repainting a wall or room in your house. While cool-toned colors can help with relaxation, warm colors like reds, browns and oranges can make a room feel more cozy and intimate. You can also use lighting to amplify coziness by choosing light bulbs that give off a warmer glow.

Express Personality
When preparing for guests, we tend to rush through our house to declutter and hide anything we deem too personal. But too few items in a room can give it a stark and sterile appearance. As you clean for company, be sure to keep a few personal touches, knickknacks and memorabilia around to make your home feel like a familiar and charming space.

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