Home Maintenance and Remodeling December 2, 2021

Pick the Perfect Paint Finish

You’ve mulled over paint colors and finally decided on just the right shade. Now that the big decision has been made, you’ll be asked what finish, or sheen, you prefer. Sheen is determined by the amount of light reflected from the surface. Use this guide to help you select the right look for your project.

Flat Finish
No sheen
Masks imperfections
Tough to clean
Use in low traffic areas
Ideal for bedrooms and ceilings

Eggshell Finish
Low sheen
Masks imperfections
Moderate durability
Use in higher traffic areas
Ideal for family rooms and dining rooms

Satin Finish
Rich sheen
Requires skilled painter
Easy to clean
High durability
Ideal for kids’ rooms

Semi-Gloss Finish
High sheen
Requires skilled painter
High durability
Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms
Commonly used on cabinets, doors and trim

High Gloss Finish
Highest sheen
Requires skilled painter
Easiest finish to clean
Most durable finish
Commonly used on cabinets, doors and trim

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