Home Maintenance and Remodeling January 4, 2022

Storage Ideas to Organize Your Home

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by clutter? These simple home storage tips can help you keep your home neat and organized.

Be Creative With Shoe Organizers
Over-the-door shoe organizers aren’t just for footwear. Use them to store toys and stuffed animals, power cords or cleaning supplies. Hang them on the back of your laundry room door or inside a storage closet to keep items tidy and out of sight.

Get Lazy
Often referred to as “lazy Susans,” rotating circular shelves are a smart way to organize your refrigerator, spice cabinet or pantry. Simply turn the shelf to find what you need.

Declutter Your Cabinets
When mounted underneath a kitchen sink, tension rods can double as a handy storage solution to hang spray cleaner bottles. Install rods inside cabinets to create instant vertical storage for cutting boards, cookie sheets, baking dishes, and more. Curtain rods are also a great way to store loose rolls, such as wrapping paper, ribbons and trash bags.

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Island
When used efficiently, kitchen islands provide space for storage that can help keep your kitchen in order. If you have an island or are considering adding one, make the most of your space with a few smart organizational ideas.

  • A hidden microwave cubby can save valuable countertop space.
  • Use open shelving to store larger items like mixing bowls and cutting boards.
  • Deep drawers are the perfect place for pots and pans.

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