Home Maintenance and Remodeling March 3, 2022

Upgrade Your Laundry Room

A luxurious laundry room may seem a bit extravagant, but consider these options if you’d like to transform a dreary, utilitarian room into an attractive, functional space.

Add a Sink
A sink is a handy addition to any laundry room. You’ll have a dedicated place to scrub stained clothing, wash paint brushes, rinse muddy shoes, and clean dirty messes you don’t want in your kitchen or bathroom sinks.

Create Storage
Cabinets, shelves, drying racks, and storage baskets will help organize and declutter the room.

Make Space for Hampers
Free up space by adding built-in storage for hampers underneath the countertop. Use the counter when sorting laundry to keep your floor clutter-free.

Hang Wallpaper
Because they’re typically small, laundry rooms can be great areas for a bold design. Consider adding stylish wallpaper to spruce things up.

Build a Dog-Wash Station
If you have the space, a dog-wash station offers a convenient way to bathe your pets and contain their furry messes.

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