Home Maintenance and Remodeling June 15, 2022

Is Your Home Due for a Summer Makeover?

Imagine you’re a stranger touring your house. What would you update or replace? To spark your creativity, browse magazines and Pinterest boards for tones, colors and textures that speak to you. Even the smallest new touches can refresh the whole feel of a room. You can start small by adding new pillows and lighting or rearranging furniture. For a more dramatic change, consider these makeover ideas from FamilyHandyMan.com.

Stylish Window Treatments
Heavy drapes in outdated fabrics can age your rooms. If blinds are dirty or broken, think about replacing them.

UPDATE: Horizontal blinds and lightweight curtains help refresh and lighten your interiors.

Open Spaces
Floor-to-ceiling mirrors were popular in the ’80s to make a small space look bigger.

UPDATE: Vaulted ceilings and picture windows are a great way to open up a room and bring in more light.

Chic Finishes
Old wallpaper and borders can age your home dramatically. Consider hiring a pro to strip old paper and hang the new.

UPDATE: If you like the feel of wallpaper, try a modern faux-finish or a painted pattern such as stripes.

Bright Bathrooms
Glass block windows can sometimes date your space.

UPDATE: Skylights offer an updated way to bring more natural light into your bathroom.

On-Trend Colors
You loved those trendy paint colors back in the day, but now they look like a timestamp.

UPDATE: Create space and airiness by painting walls in lighter neutral colors.

Elegant Fixtures
Dated light fixtures don’t do much to complement today’s decor.

UPDATE: Dramatically change a room with modern or industrial lighting in updated colors and materials.