Home Maintenance and Remodeling December 29, 2022

Annual Plumbing Inspection and Maintenance

Damage due to faulty plumbing can lead to extensive, costly repairs. But you can protect yourself from an avoidable disaster with a little preventive maintenance. In fact, regular plumbing inspections can be one of a homeowner’s smartest investments. Schedule an annual inspection with a licensed plumber to address these costly mishaps.Mold GrowthUnidentified leaks, even small ones, can lead to mold growth over time. Plumbers can spot early signs of mold and remedy the problem before it becomes dangerous. Clogged DrainsNeglecting clogged drains or sewer lines can lead to difficult, expensive repairs. Regular plumbing inspections can help prevent extensive damage.FloodingHave both new and old pipes inspected regularly for signs of rotting or leaking to keep your home and belongings safe from a flooding catastrophe.Water Heater DamageEnsure your water heater is operating efficiently by hiring a professional to inspect the unit for leaks and sediment buildup.