Adventures in Real Estate October 18, 2019

Luxury as an Experience

The focus isn’t about price. It always centers around a custom luxury experience, for every client, no matter what price point. 

Annual appreciation events – Our clients deserve luxury treatment

What I have found most impressive is that this focus on luxury is done by leaders and advisors that are humble, generous, and authentic. It has nothing to do with status or recognition. The goal and reason for doing this job is to positively impact the lives of those you work with and develop relationships that last a lifetime.

What does this mean to you when working with a real estate advisor?

  • Marketing that includes virtual tours, professional photographs, staging consultations, and comprehensive online advertising. Your house will be marketed like a mansion, no matter what.
  • My marketing budget is focused on thanking you, highlighting your property, and giving back to the community, not showcasing me.
  • Events to show thanks
  • Thanksgiving pies
  • Hand written notes
  • Bows on doors
  • So much more! You need to experience it firsthand!
Our annual Pie Day Event – Thanking past clients with a delicious Thanksgiving pie from Wuollet Bakery

If you have put your trust in me to help during this important process, I appreciate that trust so much. It is not taken lightly.