Adventures in Real Estate March 10, 2021

Adapting to Real Estate in a Covid World

Covid turned the world upside down and created a new level of awareness about so many aspects of life. For my personal life as well as my real estate business. Not just in how to connect with people, but in marketing, safety practices, listing homes, and more.

This time has made me reflect on why I am in this business and reinforced the path I have chosen to take. My business plan is focused on clients, giving back, community, and family. If what I do every day is at the purpose of doing what is right for them, I will have succeeded.

Even with COVID, so many business strategies can move forward with a little creativity. The biggest things for me continue to be quality of service, community giving, and random acts of kindness. People are even more conscious about others and want to be a part of the solution.

For clients, their home likely means more to them than ever. Therefore, it means more to me. Some needed to move before Covid, some chose to move because of Covid, and others are remaining put because of Covid. Adding emotion and complexity to an already emotional/complex process, it is more important than ever to partner with a professional, authentic real estate advisor.

I take client safety extremely important. Throughout Covid, I have taken great care to remain healthy and by extension, ensure my family and clients do as well. There is a process to buy and sell a house that is safe for even the most cautious individuals, and I follow it closely. Also, I was already doing many of the high-end marketing techniques such as virtual tours and digital marketing. They are now even more important.