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Design Trends Choose a Color That Will Go the Distance If you’re picking out a new paint color for a room in your home, consider these tips to help you choose a shade that will stand the test of time. Stay open-minded. For your first trip to the hardware store, help yourself to a wide variety of paint swatches. Don’t rule out any color immediately. The […]
Design Trends 5 Home Decor Mistakes To Avoid With all the time you’re spending at home these days, it’s important to make sure your space is relaxing and comfortable. Evaluate your home’s decor with these suggestions in mind. If you’re relying solely on overhead lighting, your kitchen and living spaces may feel uninviting. Soften the atmosphere with floor lamps and under-the-cabinet lighting. An absence of potted […]
Design Trends Maximize Your Kitchen for Holiday Cooking The kitchen becomes one of the most-used rooms during the holidays, so take some time to ensure that you have all the space you need for food preparation this year. Consider these simple steps for maximizing your kitchen. Plan ahead and space out food preparation. Whenever possible, try to prepare dishes a day or two prior […]
Design Trends 3 Ways To Create a Cozy Bedroom Oasis Your bedroom should be a soothing escape from the world at the end of the day. Try these suggestions to make your room a comfy haven. Add warmth. Installing faux wooden beams on the ceiling and painting the walls a dark color can create a relaxing ambience. Opt for soft, warm lighting from lamps or a […]
Design Trends Inspiration for Fall Decor As temperatures cool outside, give your home a cozy makeover with these fall decor ideas. Foliage: Swap out those bright summer flowers with autumnal flora, such as amaranth, mums, eucalyptus branches, and witch hazel. You can also arrange feathers and dried flowers for texture and varying heights. Colors: The color orange is nearly synonymous with autumn, so […]
Design Trends Make Space for Schoolwork Whether your kids are doing school at home full-time or just completing homework in the evenings, it’s helpful to have a designated, organized space for them to focus. Here are some tips on how to create a beneficial learning space. Let in the light. Try to choose a location near windows for natural light. Otherwise, keep […]
Design Trends What Is Grandmillennial Style? Over the past decade, the millennial generation’s design preferences have leaned more toward modern lines, minimalism and neutral color palettes. However, a new style is emerging that captures aspects of their grandparents’ homes. Appropriately, coined the term “grandmillennial style” to reflect the blending of typical millennial decor with the personal touches of “Grandma’s house.” What kick-started […]
Design Trends Home Design Shifts Post-Pandemic In addition to drastically changing daily life for many Americans, the pandemic lockdowns may also lead to a long-term shift in how we think about home design. Extended time at home exposed the shortfalls of some floor plans and increased the urgency to have practical, multifunctional spaces. Look for an increased interest in the following […]
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Design Trends Outdoors and On-Trend An inviting outdoor living space makes time spent in the fresh air even more appealing. Whether you’re supervising kids playing in the yard, enjoying dinner on the patio or talking with friends late into the night, you want a space that’s both attractive and comfortable. Consider these trending designs for outdoor furnishings. Pastel colors: These soft, […]
Design Trends Make the Most of Your Home Gym Due to gym closures and social distancing, many people have come to enjoy the convenience of working out at home. If you’ve recently acquired new exercise equipment, consider these tips to help you maximize your home gym. Choose your location wisely. If possible, set up your gym in an area of your home where you’ll actually […]
Design Trends Interior Design Trends to Watch With a new decade comes a refresh in home decor. Check out some of the trends designers predict will gain traction this year. Color in kitchens: While white cabinets remain timeless, designers are warming up all-white kitchens by adding wood accents, colorful tile, and navy or black cabinets. Wood or steel range hoods: Move over microwaves – […]
Design Trends Create a Comfy & Cozy Reading Nook With a little planning, you can create a space in your home that cultivates more reading, rest and imaginative thought. Try these three suggestions for designing the ideal reading nook. Pick a strategic location. Take stock of areas in your home that can comfortably house a chair, end table and lamp. If you have the […]
Design Trends Trending Paint Colors for 2020 Each year, various paint companies release their official “color of the year,” following the trend started by Pantone 20 years ago. Here are a few of the notable paint colors for 2020, plus ways to incorporate them into your home. Sherwin-Williams: NavalFor the start of a new decade, Sherwin-Williams selected a deep, calming navy blue […]
Design Trends Top tips for buying furniture When it’s time to update your furniture, follow these simple tips and you won’t be disappointed. Comfort is key. In addition to finding the right style, make sure your furniture selections are comfortable and functional for all the members of your household. Try to find pieces made with high-quality materials to ensure a longer lifespan. […]
Design Trends Choosing decor that’s timeless vs. trendy When redesigning your home, it can be challenging to choose between on-trend decor versus timeless pieces that won’t go out of style in a year or two. How can you plan a design that’s stylish but won’t send you back to the drawing board too soon? First, recognize that your tastes may change over the […]
Design Trends Popular home lighting trends Light fixtures are an easy way to make a statement in your home design. As a relatively inexpensive update, they are a great choice for refreshing a room on a tight budget as well as a safe way to try out new trends. Here are some current lighting styles to inspire your space: The new […]
Design Trends Warm, Cozy, and Valuable It’s hard to deny the charm of gathering around warm, flickering flames to read a book or share stories with your family. Fireplaces tend to evoke an emotional response from buyers and most people are willing to pay more to get one. According to a survey from, approximately 25 percent of home buyers said they […]
Design Trends 5 Ways to use Pantone’s Color of the Year For the past 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced interior design, fashion and other creative industries. This year’s color is called Living Coral, an orange-pink hue that symbolizes optimism and lightheartedness.  Try one of these ideas for using Living Coral in your home:  Paint your front door. Experts say a colorful door boosts […]
Design Trends 5 Tidying tips from Marie Kondo Petite, positive and obsessed with mess, Marie Kondo rose to organizing fame with her 2014 book and has inspired a wave of tidying with her Netflix series this year. She teaches her “KonMari Method,” which encourages people to only own items that “spark joy” in their lives.  Here are a few of Kondo’s tips to […]
Design Trends Give your mudroom a makeover Does your mudroom tend to get cluttered with shoes, jackets and backpacks? An organized mudroom can be the key to keeping the rest of your living space tidy, so here are a few ways to give the area a functional makeover. Install easy-to-clean flooring. Make the space fit the style of your home by using […]